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Club Marine Boat Insurance

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Boating is a popular pastime and recreational activity for many people, and owning a boat can provide hours of fun and relaxation. But boats can be expensive, and proper insurance coverage is essential for protecting your investment. That’s where Club Marine Boat Insurance comes in. Club Marine is Australia’s leading provider of boat insurance, and provides comprehensive coverage for both pleasure and commercial vessels.

What Is Covered By Club Marine Boat Insurance?

Club Marine Boat Insurance covers a wide range of risks, including loss or damage to the boat, its equipment, and accessories. It also provides coverage for liability, medical expenses, emergency assistance, and other expenses related to boating. In addition, Club Marine offers a variety of optional extras that can be added on to your policy, including cover for personal effects, legal liability, accidental damage, and marine rescue.

What Are the Benefits of Club Marine Boat Insurance?

Club Marine provides a range of benefits for boat owners, including competitive premiums, a broad range of coverage options, and a range of additional benefits. With Club Marine, you can customize your coverage to suit your individual needs, and the company offers a wide range of discounts for boat owners with multiple vessels or who have completed a boating safety course. Club Marine also provides 24/7 customer service, and the company’s claims process is simple and efficient.

Who Is Eligible for Club Marine Boat Insurance?

Club Marine Boat Insurance is available to boat owners in Australia, and the company provides coverage for both pleasure and commercial boats. To be eligible for coverage, boat owners must have a valid boat registration and must be at least 18 years of age. In addition, the boat must be less than 20 years old and must be used for recreational purposes only.

How Much Does Club Marine Boat Insurance Cost?

The cost of Club Marine Boat Insurance varies depending on the type and size of the boat, the level of coverage, and the age and experience of the boat owner. Premiums can range from as little as a few hundred dollars per year for smaller vessels up to several thousand dollars per year for larger boats. Discounts may be available for boat owners who complete a boating safety course or who own multiple boats.

How Do I Get Club Marine Boat Insurance?

Club Marine Boat Insurance can be purchased online or through a local Club Marine broker. When applying for a policy, you will need to provide information about the boat, such as its make, model, and age, as well as information about yourself, such as your name, address, and occupation. You will also need to provide details about the vessel’s current registration and any modifications you have made. Once you have completed the application, you will receive a quote, and you can then choose the coverage that is right for you.


Club Marine Boat Insurance is a great option for boat owners looking for comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. With coverage for a wide range of risks, optional extras, and a range of discounts, it’s easy to find the right policy for your needs. For more information, contact Club Marine or visit the company’s website to get a quote and start protecting your boat today.